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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Global warming scientist calls for rationing, 20 years of no economic growth - Spokane Conservative |

Global warming scientist calls for rationing, 20 years of no economic growth - Spokane Conservative

                               "The Road To Serfdom" ahead!
This is the end of the road to freedom and the start of the slide into global communism. In the early 19th century, about the time of the birth of the modern "progressive' movement" it became popular to state the belief that everything had already been invented and that growth of our industrialized society had come to a halt. Everyone just sit back now--enjoy your telegraph--your printing press--and your steam engines--it's all been done. We know the fallacy of this thinking, but the left is determined to put a halt to capitalism and the "Western White Man's Oppression".
     Never mind that--as Ronald Reagan said--"A rising tide floats all boats." Never mind that the growth of societies worldwide has been the result of free market capitalism from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Taiwan, to the successful growth of Brazil and even Venezuela until the rise of Chavez. The list goes on.
      Communist despotic states and Muslim theocracies are where tyranny and real oppression are the rule, and these failed states are the ones that the academic elite and the corrupt UN "Caboodle" wish to funnel more of your wealth into. Go to the link to sign the "Declaration of Independence from the UN." For the most part, the global communists don't even attempt to hide behind the failed science of climate change anymore. This is redistribution of your wealth--plain and simple.
     This elitist drumbeat of "Workers of the World Unite" has been the rally call to the downtrodden masses for a century and still demands the attention of many. Never mind that history shows us that tyrannical autocratic rule is at the end of this road. The next global depression may be right around the corner; more massive debt and crippling inflation are moving us into a zero growth future as it is. The dollar is holding it's own only because of Bernanke's printing press ans the faltering Euro. We are bailing out corrupt European banks AGAIN; this time through the IMF, and they are collapsing like a house of cards. The failure of the "socialist" side of the west is almost inevitable, yet the few at the top will not rest until all power and control lies in the hands of the Kings of the future.
     The Russian mob rules their cabal. The Chicago thugs and the Goldman Sachs/Federal Reserve gang run our homeland. The Chinese Cadres run the Asian rim. The Muslim Mullahs run the rest.
  George Carlin said it--"Those at the very top have the real power--you have none." The ride downhill will only get worse from here.

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