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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Redistribution Equals Slavery

I went to lunch the day after the election at a local mission where I volunteer some time. The black Pastor there opened with a prayer where she cried out to the Lord to come NOW. She was ready for the "coming". She was with her grandchildren the night before and they were very distressed at the Democrat losses. She proceeded to tell the poor folks there--many of whom collect SSI, SSD or other govt. subsidies--that things were going to get worse now under the Republican controlled House of Representatives. She told them that their checks would be cut and they might go hungry without greater subsidies for her charity.

 This woman was involved with the DNC, The Black Caucus, NAACP, and ACORN during the 2008 elections during which ACORN workers exploited the poor to use double registration and other tactics to steal the election for Obama in my county. He only won this county by 100 votes--well within the margin of fraud committed statewide. Indictments were handed out and some cases were resolved with minimal sentences or none at all. The Directorship of this mission has met The One himself and received their recompense in one form or another. This is usury and hypocrisy at its worst!

 Rev. Jesse Jackson and a guest were recounting the days of the post Civil War reconstruction this week on his radio show. During this time, black men were rounded up and incarcerated for many minor offenses, then "sold"--contracted out-- as day laborers by many counties in the south. The "police state" still run by the Obama Regime and the prison system have much the same effect on  black society today. What we see today in America today and the urban centers in particular is very similar to reconstructionism. The Democrat controlled states and cities have created an underclass and continue the same nanny state programs to keep t hem in their place while exploiting the black and Latino voter base at every turn. When will they learn?


Paul J. said...

Absolute, 100% truth.

Keeping people dependent upon programs is nothing more than modern day slavery. The government is here to protect, not to provide...yet we've all seen the videos of people lining up for their "Obama Money", thankful that they needn't pay their mortgages or gas anymore and a general feeling of entitlement.

When the government purposely gives these people programs funded off the backs of the working class, then points at the Republicans and tells them "It's all going to go away if you vote for them" is modern slavery.

Keep them subjugated, keep them dependent, keep them uninformed and, most importantly, keep them voting Democrat. Not registered to vote, or a criminal? Have no fear for ACORN will create a vote in your vote's stead.

I've written about this very topic (just search for slavery on my blog). I'm glad to see others read the same stuff between the lines.

Scott said...

All I have to do is open my door, walk down the street and listen to the dumbed down newly empowered leftists. The useful idiots abound.---sad.